When the participant receives the link to review and sign the document, they are taken to a signing screen. The screen will indicate all required and optional fields for the participant. Simply click on the field to sign, enter data, initial, or check as required.

The language of the document controls and instructions can be changed from English to Spanish or French (Canada) by clicking on one of the language links in the bottom left of the document. This will not change the language of the document itself.

If needed, you can also print a copy of the original document (as it is before signing) by clicking on the Print icon on the upper right of the document. 

When signing or entering initials, the participant has the option to either use an automatically-generated signature, or to draw it with the computer cursor.

Once all required fields are signed or filled out, click Sign at the top of the form and Submit the document.

After agreeing to do business electronically, the document is signed and either finalized or forwarded to the next participant. All done!

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